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Tourist visa

List of documents:

  • Passport – valid for at least 6 months at the time of applying of documents to the Consulate, and having at least two blank pages
  • Photos (1 pcs.) – Color on a light background, 3,3 * 4,8 cm , ​​no more than 3 months ago, without corners and ovals
  • Booking flights (both ways)
  • Booking/Reservation (proof of residence in the territory of the PRC) – with the names of all tourist
  • International insurance (copy)
  • А completed application form  (Forms for download)

Additional documents:

  • Copies of previously issued visas to China – if the previous visa passport + copy of passport page 1
  • If the trip to China for the first time: – Certificate of Employment * (on company letterhead stating position, length of service, salary, or Form 2 PIT) – Out of state funds in the account at the rate of 100$ per day per person ** issued in bank branch (signed and stamped)

* Instead of certificate of employment, as well as for the unemployed
** Financial documents – no more than one month from the date of issue

Foreign citizens

Foreign citizens in addition to the main list of documents must also provide: Registration (valid at the time of return to the Russian Federation)

  • Certificate of employment (indicating length of service, position and salary) + work permit
  • Russian visa (if required)
  • Migration card
  • Letter from job (origina only) + work permit (original)
  • Letter from University + copy of student ID
  • Copy of national passport (if you have this)

Attention please: the new rule in Consulate for foreign citizens – “All foreign citizens must have Invitation from Chinese Tourism Company or from Chinese Company (Commercial or government)”

Minor children

Minor children besides the main list of documents must also provide:

  • Copy of birth certificate
  • If the child goes accompanied by a third person:

Copy of agreement to travel from both parents

If the child goes accompanied by only one parent:

  • Copies of internal passports of both parents

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